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“…A bewildering tale of accusations and misdeeds involving a business [Wagtime] that has had persistent problems with city agencies and its neighbors, well-organized residents who oppose having 30 dogs kept in a tiny yard on their block, and more city workers than respond to your average homicide.” July 31, 2003 by Marc Fisher

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

False Advertising

On Wagtime's website, it claims that Ofer and Lisa are committed to their human and pet clients and guarantee quality care and owner peace of mind, in one way through their webcam located at www.wagtimepetspa.com. The website which they refer visitors to does not include any link to a webcam.


Cyborg said...

its actually does in 2013. you have to click wagtv and log in as a guess before 3pm.

Cyborg said...
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