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“…A bewildering tale of accusations and misdeeds involving a business [Wagtime] that has had persistent problems with city agencies and its neighbors, well-organized residents who oppose having 30 dogs kept in a tiny yard on their block, and more city workers than respond to your average homicide.” July 31, 2003 by Marc Fisher

Friday, August 10, 2007

Similar Experiences

I have started to publicize the website and have received several responses with similar stories of customers' experiences at Wagtime. You can see that many of the issues are very similar (lack of concern by staff/young and inexperienced staff members.)

We have boarded our 12 year old beagle at Wagtime one time-- in March 2007. As far as I know, they took good care of him and allowed him to hang out in the upstairs part of the building as opposed to the yard with all of the big dogs who would undoubtedly harass him. In this respect we were happy with Wagtime---- whenever we used to take him to Dogs by Day, he would spend the entire time cowering in a corner being harassed by big (and little) dogs and we finally stopped taking him there because he always seemed so traumatized by it and we realized that the caretakers weren't doing much to make his situation any easier. So, we left for our weekend trip happy that Wagtime seemed like a great alternative to Dogs by Day. However, the big red flag went up for us regarding Wagtime when my husband went to pick up our dog at the end of the weekend and he was attacked and bitten by a small aggressive dog that was permitted to hang out in the front of the store! The dog, completely unprovoked, bit his leg and drew blood --- AND THE STAFF DID NOTHING. Their reaction was not very apologetic and they said that the dog was fine and was not aggressive. They made no attempt to remove the dog to a different area of the building where he would not be a menace to customers and they basically shrugged the incident off. When my husband pushed the matter and asked to speak to a manager about it, he was told the manager would call him. That never happened. Meanwhile, we paid full price for boarding and no apology or recourse was made on their part. In hindsight, we should have pursued the matter more aggressively and at least reported the bite to Animal Control. Unfortunately we didn't do this and so the matter went unrecorded and unreported. I sort of forgot about the incident until now but this posting below prompted me to send in our own story.

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