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“…A bewildering tale of accusations and misdeeds involving a business [Wagtime] that has had persistent problems with city agencies and its neighbors, well-organized residents who oppose having 30 dogs kept in a tiny yard on their block, and more city workers than respond to your average homicide.” July 31, 2003 by Marc Fisher

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Backyard of Wagtime's Former Location

This photo is borrowed from a blog of a former neighbor of the old Wagtime location.

As a reminder, if you'd like a copy of a previous case filed against Wagtime in DC Superior Court, please e-mail wydog20001@yahoo.com

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Staywayfromwagtime said...

My dog as mualled at wag time by two pit bulls that the store owner owns, I would like to post my full story.

This is a story about negligence on the owner and the management of the store.

I have been there three times just for nail clipping, which usually takes about 5 minutes. On Sunday, my 10 lb chihuahua was on a leash and attacked by the two pit bulls of the store manager Alex. She has three punctured wounds on her neck and shoulders, has to carry around a cafider to suck up the blood out of the pockets and now barely can walk/eat due to the tramatic incident. 8 hours in the ER and a vet bill of $1400 later. I blame the store owner's lack of policy, lack of management and control and care that not in a MILLION YEARS should you come here, they should go out of business!.

Here's what went down. As I waited for my appointment there were two customers with very big dogs in the front room and two carmel colored pit bulls that were unleashed (120 lbs each) and also a Burmese Mountain dog (about 150 lbs), all running around in the front room. I waited in the other room until the commotion ceased. Meanwhile all the same dogs were still there unleashed and running around in chaos. Hannah was eating her treat and the next thing I know the two pits were running towards Hannah and attacked her. She let out the most blood curdling scream and was on her back. I pulled them both off her with no assistance from Alex or the staff. I picked her up and ran outside and only one staff member came outside to check on the situation, not the manager as one would expect. Hannah was bleeding all over her back of neck. I couldn't tell where the bleeding was coming from but she was shaking like crazy. Alex comes out and says nothing comforting not even a sorry and goes back inside. I went back inside and asked her where the nearest hospital was. I waited for 30 seconds before she even acknowledged me. She was behind the computer doing absolutely nothing with two sales people. I said loudly my dog is bleeding and now you need to take me to the hospital, get me towels and go get my other dog, Rosie. There is no way I am leaving my dog there unattended.

While in the car you (Lisa Streib) called. Alex had you on speaker unbeknownst to you. You asked Alex why did the dogs were out front unleashed and this has happened was not the first time something like this had occurred and that. I was privy to that entire conversation and it did not instill confidence in my that my situation would be addressed or resolved in a compassionate manner. Alex showed absolutely no remorse in this matter and I am extremely disturbed that she would be employed at a facility such as Wagtime with such an uncaring and nonchalant attitude.

They do not care!!! It's a patter of neglience.